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The Advantages of Parking Lot Striping to Your Business



Parking lot striping is one way a business can put its best foot forward. Fresh paint gives a good impression for your arriving clients, as compared to when they are greeted with faded and cracked lines, potholes and so on, which can pose safety hazards to people. It is thus very important that you have regular maintenance of your parking areas to make sure visitors will park their cars with ease and without confusion.


Among the objectives of a clear parking lot striping are to aid visitors navigate in their parking easily, and with the well-planned spacing, you are maximizing your limited area because you can squeeze in more spots for as many cars as possible. Be informed also that most car parks are required by local regulations to allocate spots of handicap spaces for disabled people, and the number and size will depend on the location and size also of the car park area. Mobility devices like wheelchairs should be accommodated by having extra wide border being clearly marked and space enough for these devices to move with ease.


When the area is operated jointly by many businesses, it is advisable that one business will have its specific sports directly in front of the establishment. A business that will benefit with this arrangement are those quick-stop stores situated near large establishments which are operating in longer hours like theatres and restaurants. Bordering with different colours the spaces would distinguish each spot from the other spot owned by another business. 


With proper parking lot striping at http://wahlencorp.com/allpavementmarking/parking-lot-striping-and-painting/, you can help minimize collisions, slip and falls and other potential hazards. Aside from helping traffic flow, re-paving your car park to eliminate large holes and cracks can avoid people hurting and falling themselves. By maintaining your car park area, you are avoiding some lawsuits to happen. 


Other benefits are offered by these parking lot striping professionals aside from their painting skills, like cleaning of the area with their power washing equipment, plus they offer basic warranty of their services for the first few months or longer. In order to get a good quality of service at http://wahlencorp.com/portaservice/car-wash-cleaning/, it is better to choose a company that is licensed, experienced and fully insured.


There are some simple guidelines when having a parking lot striping, and some of these are to clarify the goal of your parking lot striping, try to balance your need with quality and cost, think of the future, and be open to cutting-edge striping technology. As a facility manager, you have to consider the future business expansion, natural aging and physical damages of the business car park.